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An Education is a really good movie and despite the ending I want to run away with some random older dude and explore Paris. I’ll come back and finish my degree later.

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I wanna get my ears re-pierced so I can wear gold hoops and wire headband ties everyday.

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I was sitting on the porch this morning with Nan and she told me about some of the things she did when she was younger. Meeting people on the train, all the working girls gossiping on their way to work, going to the cinema and waiting for their usherette friends to get off work before going in, going to the dances with their boyfriends — you would dance the first and last dances with the boy you came with, and the rest with whomever you please.

It all sounded so sweet. I’m not really one to insist I was “born in the wrong time!”, but sometimes I do wish for some of the things of the past.

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